III. “Thessaloniki…on your plate”




Thessaloniki is full of markets, flavors and aromas! Its culinary treasures made Thessaloniki the first Greek city to be included in UNESCO’s Creative Cities of Gastronomy and this did not happen by chance.
Since its foundation, the city has been a crossroads of cultures, different customs and tastes. Flavors with roots in Byzantium, the Ottoman period, the Sephardic Jews and other different ethnic groups that through the centuries chose Thessaloniki as their homeland, survive to this day on the same table.

Why do Thessalonians eat sesame seed bread rings in the morning and what is the story behind their famous coffee, “frappe”? What's the origin of the beloved “bougatsa” that you should definitely try? Which are the sweets that should not be missed? Through an unforgettable boat ride in the calm waters of Thermaikos gulf, we enjoy the best local flavors and learn the secret stories
that these delicious treasures hide.


Are you ready for a memorable experience?

Duration ~3 hours
* The tour is carried out in Greek, English and Italian.
** The group will be accompanied by one (1) MA archaeologist _certified tour guide

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